Area rugs and Persian rugs provide a decorative way to protect the flooring on your property. Over time, the fibers break down, become weaker and sometimes, become torn.

If a tear occurs in your rug, leaving it alone is not the best option. The tear can fray, causing the adjacent fibers to contract and leave the tear larger than the initial damage. Instead, have a professional company restore your rug to its original condition.

First Response Carpet Cleaning is a full service carpet cleaning company who can restore your area rugs and Persian rugs to their original state. Servicing the Long Island, NY and surrounding areas since 1991, we have extensive experience in rug repair and restoration.

You have a choice. You can either leave the tear alone with the risk of it getting larger or call a professional service. With trained technicians, the right tools and proper techniques, we can bring your area rug or Persian rug back to life.


Our primary goal when we take on a rug repair project is to restore your rug to its original condition. We are able to do this in the following manner.

  • Proper Fiber Sourcing: With so many different types of fibers present in area rugs and Persian rugs, we make sure to have access to all different types of construction materials.
  • Rebuilding: Our service will provide a full rebuilding of damaged construction materials. This will include rebuilding missing wrap or other torn fibers. Whether the damage is from wear, animal or moth damage or unraveling, we can rebuild it all.
  • Reknotting: Many times, we see areas that need to be re-knotted. Through proper analysis of the rug construction and working to match the proper dyes and colors, we will re-knot any areas to match the existing artwork of the area rug or Persian rug. In many cases, we will take the time to re-create the artwork and maintain the original integrity of the area rug.
  • Bind and Rebuild Fringe: In order to prevent unraveling, and further rug damage, we provide binding and rebuilding services. In addition, we will bind the selvedges to help reduce any additional fraying.

Our goal is to provide you all of the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision about your area rug or Persian rug. We understand the level of investment you have made for your rug, and will ensure to provide you the necessary information needed for proper care in the future.


Do not leave your rug repair project to a novice! Instead protect your investment by calling First Response Carpet Cleaning. Our professional team of technicians understands the severity of your situation and will be able to properly analyze your rug. Our analysis will serve as the basis for a sound restoration plan that will leave your rug looking new and restored.

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