Carpet Cleaning in Massapequa

Do your carpets look a little past their sell-by date? Over the years, no matter how scrupulous you are with carpet cleaning, dust and grime build up in the fibers and sink deep into the layers. This leaves the carpets looking a little dull and lackluster.
But, before you start pricing a replacement carpet, call us in to take a look. We are the best carpet cleaning and rug cleaning service in Massapequa. We can claim that title with pride, considering that we started back in 1991.

Put quite simple; if we cannot clean your carpet, it simply cannot be done.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We understand that as a business you always need to project a professional image. We help you put your best foot forward by deep-cleaning your carpets. Regular cleaning can help extend the useful lifespan of carpeting, especially in high-traffic areas.
It is quite amazing just what a difference a clean carpet can make to the overall look of an office. A dingy, grubby carpet can spoil the look of an otherwise spotless reception or interview area.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

We put a great deal of effort into maintaining our homes. We like to live in a comfortable
environment, one that is clean and looks good. So we paint the walls, have the gutters cleaned and keep the place in a generally good condition.  One area that most of us neglect, however, is the carpets. Sure, we vacuum them and clean up spills, we may even shampoo them once in a while, but its not like the kitchen counters that you wipe down religiously.

The carpet is one of the hardest working parts of your home; it deserves more TLC. A carpet cleaning company likes ours knows how to massage new life into your carpet.
We use the best industrial machines to suck all the accumulated dust and grime from deep within the nap of your rug. Our technicians are expertly trained to identify which cleaning methods are best suited to the area, and what chemicals, if any, are safe to use.

How Often Should the Carpets Be Cleaned?

That is going to depend on the amount of traffic that the area is subjected to. A rug in a busy retail store with a lot of foot traffic is bound to need more frequent cleaning than one in your standard residential home. A good deep-cleanse once a year is around about the minimum if you want to extend the life of the carpet. This should be done more often in areas where there is more traffic. You might also want to clean the carpet if you have recently remodeled or painted or if there has been a spill of some kind.

But Won’t the Carpet Shampoo Be Fine?

Carpet shampoo has its place. It makes the carpet smell good on the surface. But what kind of shampoo will you use? A wet shampoo is easier, because you can apply it with a machine, but it can take a while for your carpet to dry completely. And, the longer the carpet is damp, the more chance you have of it being damaged by water, or potential mold issues.  A dry shampoo is better, but it is a pain to apply. Hands up who has time to scrub all the carpets in the home. Your time is worth a lot more than the few bucks you save by doing it yourself. The primary problem with carpet shampoo, however, is that there is always some residue left  over. Its that dreaded nap again – it attracts particles to it and holds on to them. If you have ever replaced a carpet and seen the amount of dust that this raises, you will understand exactly what I am talking about.

What You Can Expect from First Response

We want you to be 100% happy. Our business model is simple – give outstanding service, and you will always want to come back to us. That is why we use the best tools and make sure that we only work with experienced and certified technicians.
We are experts in our field. We can help you with emergency carpet cleaning in the event of water damage, or a stain, or we can offer a simple carpet restoration. Think of us like plastic surgeons for your carpet – we make it look years younger and clean off any blemishes. We are completely licensed, bonded and insured, so you are covered in the unlikely event that something does go wrong. And we have the documentation to prove it so that you can test us on this one.

We can handle a range of jobs – from a residential home to a large warehouse. Give us a call, and we will send a technician out to give you a quote. The technician will assess the situation and let you know what your options are. When they come in to do the clean, they use industrial strength cleaners as appropriate. We choose the exact right cleaner for the type of carpet you have. Not every type of cleaner is appropriate to every type of rug.
We will discuss the exact sequence of events with you when we give you our quote, but typically you can expect us to first vacuum with industrial strength vacuums. These make short work of the loose dust in the under layers. Then we will apply the cleaning solution. This helps to dissolve stubborn grime so that it can be easily lifted when we vacuum the carpet again. Our specialist vacuums remove most of the moisture from the carpets and ensure that any residual cleaning solution is removed.

We can then steam clean the carpets to refresh them and help the fibers plump up again. If necessary, we will finish off by using a dehumidifier or industrial-strength fans to ensure that the carpet is completely dry. In the end, your carpets are going to end up looking like new again. So, if your flooring needs a new lease on life, give us a call and get the very best possible results.