Window treatments are decorative ways to warm up any window or space. Depending on your style, these treatments can be delicate and intricate, or heavy and bulky. Regardless, they tend to collect dust which can cause an increase in allergens in the home.

First Response Carpet Cleaning is a full service cleaning company who can handle the cleaning of any kind of window treatment. Whether you have heavy drapes, delicate window treatments or standard blinds, we can do it all. Servicing the Long Island, NY and surrounding areas since 1991, we have providing our clients with excellent service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you would like a certified professional to evaluate your drapes and blinds, we offer free estimates. Simply give us a call at 631-587-5300 to set up a free estimate.


The standard recommendation for drapes and blinds cleaning is every two years. Over time, dust, pollen, mites and other allergens can settle into the fabric of the drapes and the surface area of the blinds. If not properly cleaned, allergens can accumulate in these areas affecting the overall indoor air quality of the home. Especially for occupants who experience allergies, this can be extremely irritating.

Once the cleaning process is complete, you will notice a clean, fresh feel to your home. Many times, we have clients who initially choose to do the cleaning process themselves. However, we find that they are not as thorough due to unawareness of the proper process, or inadequate tools at their disposal.

When you choose a professional company to handle your drapes and blinds cleaning job, you can be confident that your window treatments will look good as new.

Professionals have access to highly effective, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that not only freshen your home, but will keep your indoor air quality safe. There are thousands of commercial products on the market that you can find in your local hardware store, but many times these cleaning agents are harsh, leave a heavy residue and may clean the surface area of your drapes and blinds initially, but do not provide the deep clean that is necessary.


Protect your investment and keep your decorative window treatments looking fresh and new. When you pick up the phone to call First Response Carpet Cleaning, you can be assured that we will do a thorough job. Certified professionals of the IICRC, (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration), we understand the proper ways to clean any surface, fiber and material.

Whether we are handling delicate materials or strong, heavy fabrics, we engage in technologies that can handle both.

We understand that every home is different. Along with varied homes comes varied styles. Since 1991 we have been providing excellent service to our clients, and will not stop until you are 100% satisfied.

If you would like one of our specialists to provide you
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