Have you ever taken time to think about what could be living in your mattress? Studies show that viruses, perspiration, dust mites, bacteria and other allergens can be present in your mattress at any given moment. 60% of dust mites that live in your home reside in your mattress, which can be detrimental to homeowners suffering from asthma.

Experts recommend that a mattress be changed every 8 years, however they can be expensive to replace. What about considering a mattress cleaning instead?

First Response Carpet Cleaning is a full service cleaning and restoration company, dedicated to giving your mattress a brand new life! Servicing the Long Island, NY and surrounding areas, we have been in business since 1991. If you would like to learn more about getting your mattress cleaned, give us a call at 631-587-5300 for a free estimate.


  • Mattress analysis: Every mattress cleaning situation is unique. That is why our technicians are trained to identify several different areas. Those include stains, identifying the level of dust mites as well as any bacteria or other allergens present. Our technician’s findings will determine the type of cleaning required, and a proper cleaning plan will be communicated with you.
  • Vacuum and Spot Clean: Once the plan is communicated and agreed upon, our technicians will start by vacuuming your mattress. We specifically use a HEPA vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter. These filters are designed to capture 99.97% of particulates, ensuring that dust or other allergens will not be spread to other areas of your bedroom or home. In addition, this will pick up any loose debris or dust that is present at the surface.  In addition, if there are any stains present, our team will treat spots and stains with our environmentally safe solutions in order to keep you and other occupants in the home safe.
  • Steam Clean: In cases where dust mites and other allergens are present, we will execute a hot water extraction process to kill any bacteria, viruses or mites. Once this process is completed, your mattress will be left feeling fresh and clean.
  • Treatment: Once the entire mattress has been spot cleaned, vacuumed with our HEPA vacuum and steam cleaned, we will treat the entire mattress one more time to achieve the greatest results.

There are several types of treatment available in the marketplace, and your specific situation will determine which treatment we will choose. All of our cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly, which will ensure that your occupants will be safe from any harsh chemicals.


Before you scrap your mattress and invest in another, give First Response Carpet Cleaning a call. We can take a look at your old mattress and restore it to fresh, clean and safe conditions. Servicing the Long Island, NY and surrounding areas, our team is equipped with extensive experience, the proper tools and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that will leave your mattress as good as new. Our team can also help with your leather cleaning, so that you don’t have to waste your time.

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