In a commercial building hundreds, if not thousands of people are milling around each day. Rainwater, snow, dirt and grime gets tracked in from the occupant’s shoes, their jackets and laptop bags.

No matter how tough your commercial carpet may be, it needs to be properly maintained.

First Response Carpet Cleaning in Long Island NY has been in business since 1991, delivering outstanding customer service to each and every customer. Certified by the IICRC, (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration), we use proven techniques to not only clean your carpet, but to keep it looking new and fresh. Regardless of the level of foot traffic, First Response Carpet Cleaning will remove your stains, freshen your carpets and help extend the longevity of your carpet investment.


Many times, business- owners will give us a call years after their carpets were initially installed for their first cleaning. Even though we have the best training, tools and solutions to take on any sized project, regular maintenance is key to keeping carpets looking fresh and new.

When you make a commitment to regular carpet cleanings, you are protecting your original investment. In addition, clean carpets give your business and office building a sharper image to guests, clients and other visitors.

If your business has dirty carpets, your guests may wonder which other areas of your business is lacking maintenance.

Do not allow dirty carpets to make your business look bad. Keep your investment looking new and choose a company who specializes in commercial cleaning!


The biggest mistake we see out in the field are carpet-cleaning companies taking on commercial jobs who do not understand the nuances of commercial carpet cleaning. These companies typically have taken on a few residential jobs and feel they are ready to service commercial buildings.

One thing to remember, is that residential carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning require two separate processes. Since the carpet styles and fabrics are different, they require different tools and techniques.

If the carpet cleaning company you choose does not understand that concept, then you could spending twice as much money for the same service. Make the right investment the first time. It could save you a large amount of time and money.


If you are looking for a carpet cleaning company that can regularly maintain your floors, look no further! First Response Carpet Cleaning has built our reputation on outstanding customer service, 100% satisfaction and up-to-date industry knowledge. We make a commitment to every customer that we will keep cleaning until they are satisfied.

Servicing the Long Island and surrounding areas, we will take on a job of any size. We realize that in a commercial setting, you need a company that can stick with you year after year. After all, you made a large investment in your carpets and need to keep them maintained!

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